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Thomas Proe publicanThere are very few people in Brisbane that  do not, know, or who have not heard of Mr. Thomas Proe, C.M.G., either as the licenseeof the Empire Hotel, Valley, or as a very much alive municipal councillor. Mr. Proe was born at Wigan, Lancashire, England, and on leaving school became a marine engineer.

In 1876 he came to Queensland, and for three years was employed as an engineer by the municipal council. He then served five years under the Harbors and Rivers Department, but resigned in 1885 and went into  the hotel business, taking the Osborne Hotel, from which he moved to the Royal George, Prince Consort, and Brunawick.

In 1885 he was elected an alderman 0n the Brisbane Municipal Council, and has been one ever since. In 1900 he retired from hotel keeping, and in 1901, as Mayor of Brisbane, he welcomed the Duke of York on his arrival here. He was honored by the Duke, who conferred upon him a commandership of the order of St. Michael and St. George, and who personally invested Mr. Proe before leaving  Melbourne.

In 1903 Mr Proe returned to business in his present hotel. He has been president of the Epidemic, Transit, and Fire Boards. He was for many years a member of the Q.T.C. and Tatt’s.

Mr. Proe is a keen debator in the Council, where he is always ready to uphold his opinions against  any and everyone. He is a sturdy opponent  of the ‘tied house’ system, now so prevalent in the Brisbane Licensed Victuallerbusiness.  

– Truth (Brisbane, Qld) January 29 1905.  

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