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John Brosnan

JOHN Brosnan, mine host of the Union Hotel, Petries Bight, is a native of Kerry, the “rule” place for pretty women and  high class cattle. He served his apprenticeship with the famous firm of P. Stokes & bons, and shortly afterwards sailed for Queenslsand— 22 years ago.

Entering the service of the Castlemaine Brewery and Quinlan, Gray and Co., he became principal traveller, and worked all parts of the State for them.

After 11 years “on tho roads” he started as a hotelkeeper, first in the Exhibition, then the Woolloongabba, and now the Union, his present domicile, where  he does an extensive wholesale and retail  bottle trade.

He is well knowm in social  and trade movements, and has political  ambition which he will give an airing to atnext electlon; last time only pressure of  business kept him out of the fray. Is fond of sport, and attends the Q.T C. regularly, winning or losing over Gozard or anything else. Like a good sportsman.

-Truth (Brisbane, Qld.), Sunday 8 January 1905.

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