This Barmaid Will “Sit” for Dobell

Jean Hays“Jeanie” Hayes, Sydney barmaid (pictured), who has agreed to have her portrait painted by William Dobell, is fighting shy of publicity.

When a newspaper cameraman arrived to get her picture, she screamed and ducked down behind the bar. Customers coaxed her out, begged her not to be shy, and amidst cheers end laughter she finally “posed”.

Jeanie (Jean Hayes, of Potts Point [Sydney]) gained herself the role of artist’s model when she claimed she could handle beer with as much dexterity as Dobell could wield a paint brush.

With one sweeping movement of her hand she can grasp four glass beer mugs, gripping the handle of each with a finger, while the other hand flicks on the beer tap.

Dark and bright-eyed, with full, pink cheeks, she re-fers to her 11-stone weight with jovial unconcern. “We can’t go on with the portrait until Mr Dobell gets a good supply of canvas,” she laughed. “He says he’s got to get in touch with Army Disposals and Wirth’s Circus…”

The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin Saturday 14 December 1946.


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