Darcy & Co’s New Wine & Spirit Stores

darcys wine spirit georges street sydney 1905Accompanying photograph represents the new premises erected by C. D’Arcy and Co. upon the site of their old store [George Street, Sydney] for the purpose of continuing their business as wine and spirit merchants and importers. The expansion of trade rendered more accommodation necessary to cope with increasing orders. The original building, which has just passed away, was probably the oldest wine and spirit store in Australia; it was of bucolical interest, and had been established in the thirties — before the railway was open-ed, and even after it had reached Penrith, on the west, and Campbelltown, to the south — teams with their bullocks were a daily sight, loading in the courtyard of the old store, off George Street. Valuable spiritous freights were sent away to station, town, and diggings, be for weeks upon the road before they reached their destination, and lucky were the teamsters after many “scapes by flood and field,’ not to mention other dangers, who delivered the seductive loading intact. The business passed successively from Mr. R. Brownlow to M’Dermott and Dixon. Daniel Egan (at one time Postmaster-General), Walford and Sparke, and finally to C. D’Arcy and Co., who took over the business from the last mentioned firm, nearly a quarter of a century ago. But buildings, like all things mundane, out-live their usefulness, and must give way to time and progress, hence this old landmark of the city has at last been demolished, and upon its site appears the up-to-date edifice here depicted. The new stores are replete with all the latest improvements for the firm’s large wine, beer, and spirit trade…

– The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser Wednesday 22 March 1905.

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