Beer Mug with Dark History


The Imperial Hotel, Wellington Street Perth 1931

ON the shelf of a city bar, stands a tall grey beer mug with a history, it was used to celebrate the launching of Hitler’s Nazism.

The men who sipped heartily from its ornate rim were Adolf Hitler and, a group of his supporters.

It was in a cold beer cellar in a back street of Munich, and the occasion, 33 years ago, was the formation meeting of the German Nazi Party.

This big grey mug has come a long way since then.

In fact, many of the men who see it today in its peaceful environment are drinking to forget war, and Hitler and all his ilk.

Bar which has this relic of Nazism is the Imperial Hotel.

This mug was made of clay and it bears the emblem, of SCHUTZ Brewery. It holds 138oz. and if you are having a special celebration it would cost you 12/6 to fill it.

To drink the contents would cost you more than 12/6 in equilibrium.

Owner of this mug was a former Nazi leader, who was present at this formation meeting in Munich and kept it as a souvenir. He was brought to Australia as a prisoner of war, and was taken to Tartara (Vic.) P.O.W. camp.

hitler beer mug

Mr. Gra Rosser drinks from the beer mug – but not the full 138oz

Mr. Allan Thomson, the present owner of this mug, was an officer of the Intelligence Branch in this P.O.W. camp. He was presented with this mug by its original owner, who had changed his beliefs, decided that Hitler was a false prophet, and that there was no future in Nazism.

This disillusioned follower of the Fuehrer adopted the Australian way of life.

When Mr. Thomson came to Perth he handed the mug over to Mr. Gra Rosser to display.

– Perth Sunday Times Sunday 31 October 1954


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