Northern Club Hotel, Sydney: ‘Provides Super Service’

northern club hotel sydney 1955

Patrons of the Northern Club Hotel toast the introduction of 10pm closing, February 1 1955. Photo by Ern McQuillan.

SYDNEY: Sydney publican Max Shepherd, of the Northern Club Hotel [George Street], is providing super deluxe service for patrons. It includes:

  • Films in the bar.
  • Tape recordings of descriptions of past sport events.
  • A pianist and piano-accordionist playing and singing to lounge customers.
  • Chinese and Australian food served by waiters.
  • A fruit drink-serving machine for teetotallers.

Explaining the fruit drink machine, Mr. Shepherd said: “Some of my patrons looked a bit off-colour, so I put it in. It gets plenty of use.

Warwick Daily News Monday 14 June 1954


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