Warracknabeal’s ‘beerless’ pubs


One of the “beerless pubs” of Warracknabeal, Victoria C1950. Picture: State Library of Victoria

WARRACKNABEAL, Monday – A dray drawn by a sleepy horse gradually collected a crowd of followers as it moved slowly through Warracknabeal’s main street today.

On the dray were three 36-gallon kegs of beer. By the time it had reached its destination – one of the town’s four beerless hotels – a certain amount of excitement was in the air.

“Funny, I had forgotten about those three,” explained the publican.

“Been at the station for a fortnight.”

Tomorrow the town is expected to be beerless again.

– The Melbourne Age, November 25, 1952

* The shortage of beer in Victoria at the time was due to striking brewery workers.

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