Oatley Hotel begins with a blast

Oatley Hotel ANU 1929

The Oatley Hotel shortly after completion in 1929. Photo: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.


Frank J. Dwyer was fined £2 and 8/- costs for blasting at Oatley without at first having obtained permission. Sergeant Francis stated that defendant was blasting rock to make a cellar for a new hotel. Tiles and walls of a cottage 125 feet away were stated to be cracked as a result of the blasting.

– The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW) Friday 18 January 1929.

Oatley Hotel anu 1940s

Timber beer barrels arrive at the Oatley Hotel C1950. Photo: Australian National University, Noal Butlin Archives.

At the Water Police Court, the Licensing Board stated its intention of recommending that a license be granted for a hotel at Oatley in July 1928. The hotel, in Oatley Avenue near the railway station, continues to trade today.



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