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  • Shilling glass deposit

    One Shilling deposit is demanded on these glasses being handed to beer drinkers in a Townsville hotel. No beer is served until all glasses are issued. If glass is chipped or broken drinker forfeits the shilling. – The Sun (Sydney, NSW) Friday 24 December 1943.  

  • Pub crawl with a twist

    RETURNED soldier Jim Moody, of East St. Kilda, Melbourne, crawled one mile, from Spring-st to Spencer-st, Melbourne, carrying a glass of beer to win a £5 bet that Middle East men were “tougher” than New Guinea veterans. – Toodyay Herald… Read More ›

  • Old timers at Kurri

    Robert Bruce, 74, and Andy Callaghan, 73, retired mineworkers, chat over a cool glass of beer at Kurri Kurri yesterday. – Newcastle Morning Herald  (NSW) Tuesday 6 December 1949.  

  • School’s in…

    Digger (right) holds glass of beer in one hand, “tosses ’em” with the other, while others of the impromptu Hay Street (Perth) school” await the result. – The Daily News (Perth, WA) Friday 22 November 1940.  

  • Pluto arrives in Melbourne

    These pots have an extra good look about them, but don’t be hopeful. The picture shows a new beer servicing device known as “Pluto” in use in a Melbourne hotel. It consists of six feet of transparent plastic hose and a release… Read More ›

  • Shouts for horse

    This Sydney carter has the “kindness to animals” spirit. In the terrific heat recently, he had a pot of beer himself and then “shouted” for his horse. – The Longreach Leader (Qld) Saturday 28 November 1936.

  • Imperial Hotel, Walgett

    Ice Put in Hotel Guests’ Baths SYDNEY, Friday. The water was so hot at Walgett yesterday during the fierce State-wide heat that at the Imperial Hotel ice had to be put in the baths for guests. Temperatures ranged from 106.3 (41.2C.) at Sydney to 116.2… Read More ›

  • Mt Isa beer strike

    BOIL OVER Unable to Beer It Mount ISA, Saturday, The 12-months-old beer strike is over, but beer is still one shilling a pot, which means that for 12 dusty, dreary months Mount Isa has thirsted in vain. But to-day Mount… Read More ›

  • Money’s worth?

    BUYING beer in schooners and middies in Sydney hotels and then bottling it yourself is an expensive way of buying it, although not illegal, provided you pour the beer into the bottle yourself. To the right is a bottle containing… Read More ›

  • Cauliflower Hotel, Waterloo

    By MICK ROBERTS © DURING the early part of the 19th century, many of Sydney’s pubs had quaint names, accompanied by an indicative sign, swinging from posts or awnings. There was the Black Boy, in George Street, the Brown Bear… Read More ›