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  • How Sydney beat heatwave

    As Sydney sweltered in yesterday’s heat-wave hotels were popular. This was the scene at 1 pm in the Astra Hotel, Bondi. Average success of thirsty drinkers in the crowded bar was two drinks per hour. – The Sun (Sydney) Sunday 4 November 1945.

  • Barrels of fun

    ‘Roll out the barrel’ — and the beer drought is on the run. Mr B. Kelly, of Braddon (pictured), cellarman at a city hotel, unloads draught beer yesterday. The drought ended for some Canberra hotels and all clubs when the… Read More ›

  • Australian Eleven Hotel, Redfern

    By MICK ROBERTS © AUSTRALIAN sportsmen have a long tradition of donning the publican apron. In fact, history is littered with famous sporting publicans, who have taken advantage of their athletic fame to earn them a living behind the bar…. Read More ›

  • Daylesford Brewery, Daylesford

    Daylesford Brewery in Bridport Street, Daylesford, Victoria, operated from 1861 to 1916. The brewery was started by the Borsa brothers, Antonio and Battista and two years later was taken over by Nicholas Fitzgerald, in partnership with James Perrin. The Fitzgerald… Read More ›

  • Coolgardie Brewery 1895-1906

    The Coolgardie Brewery was set up by a syndicate in 1895, and John Cocks was appointed brewer and manager. According to the book, The Breweries of Australia, A History, by Keith Deutsher, the brewery was a small galvanised-iron building, with… Read More ›

  • Albion Brewery, Wagga Wagga

    The Albion Brewery in Baylis Street Wagga Wagga, NSW was established by William Davoren and Hugh McDonald in 1889. According to Keith M. Deutsher in his book, ‘Breweries of Australia, A History’ the pair had two competitor breweries to contend… Read More ›

  • On the water wagon

      Brewery Advertising Rejected Newcastle Council has a new water wagon. A brewery firm is also anxious to go on the wagon. At the council meeting last night a letter was received containing congratulations on the up-to-date motor water wagon,… Read More ›

  • Hotel Cuicairn, Culcairn

    The Hotel Cuicairn : Fine Example of a Country Hotel. Fourteen years ago Mr. F. W. Seholz took over the old hotel — a small, one-storeyed building on the present site — on a five years’ lease, and then bought… Read More ›

  • Royal Hotel, Sydney

    Murdered publican’s wife stabbed eight times By MICK ROBERTS © TWO years after the Royal Hotel in Sydney’s George Street closed in 1914, a young man who had committed a horrible murder from within its walls was released from Goulburn… Read More ›

  • Royal Hotel, Lismore

    LIKE OLD TIMES.-At about midday on Thursday, a young man drove up to the front of the Royal Hotel, in Molesworth-street, Lismore, got out of the sulky, took the horse out and tied him up to the post, and politely left them… Read More ›